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By advancing your people, you advance your productivity, your capability & market presence ....

Based in Bradford on Avon, Bath, Bristol, Swindon

Easy access to London, M4 Corridor, South West England, South Wales

Face to face and online

Why choose us?

People are your greatest advantage, yet at times they may seem like your biggest challenge!

If people problems are affecting your productivity and creativity, we can help you solve employee dilemmas and free up your time.......

Working with The People Advantage, means you have access to a network of trusted Associates with backgrounds in many sectors, providing a range of high-quality, cost-effective consultancy, training, coaching and event facilitation - all tailored to your needs.

Based in Bradford on Avon, Bath, Bristol and Swindon, we work all over the South West of England and South Wales.

We have won awards for Workforce Transformation, Leadership and Talent Development.

Accredited, highly qualified with wide-ranging experience, operating at all levels within different industries and cultures.

This critical blend of skills and experience means you can achieve ..... 'The People Advantage'!


We help you achieve your goals & free up your time:


We help you to upskill and unlock your potential, whether you're in a work setting or not, through personal development, training, coaching, networks, resources:

  • Maybe you're at a careers crossroads?
  • Looking to achieve personal growth?
  • Improve performance?
  • Do you want to develop a distinctive leadership style?
  • Or build resilience?

We excel at helping teams of all shapes and sizes come together and gel.

Using a variety of methods and formats, we plan simple, innovative activities suited to the dynamic in your team e.g.:

  • team strategy events
  • team building
  • away-days
  • team diagnostic events
  • team coaching

A Client-Focussed Approach

We take care to understand your needs. Culture and context are important. Understanding the 'big picture', then identifying the pinch points is a strength.
Innovative yet grounded...
training/consultancy solutions are a speciality. We understand the challenges, having 'walked the walk' of operational management and senior leadership.
Blended learning
Formal learning can be blended with informal elements. It is cost-effective, encourages social learning, personalises the experience, and learner can set the pace.
"Feedback is the breakfast of champions" (Ken Blanchard).
We always seek and act on feedback, to help us perform at our best and remain relevant and current.

Our Values

Bringing our energy and commitment to helping individuals & businesses be the best they can be.
are at the heart of the challenge; we put our extensive knowledge of what makes them tick, at the centre of the solution.
Working alongside and supporting you to achieve your goals, we want to make a difference.
Trust, integrity
Trust is earned when actions meet the words. Our success is built on word of mouth recommendations.

Updates News Events

Now working face to face again, but with virtual options too.

Management Development

Courses, Events

"Very well organised, fun, interactive, absolutely fantastic. Great opportunity to stop and critically reflect on my management skills....wonderful to meet colleagues and share experiences. I will take back to the workplace a renewed sense of enthusiasm and a number of new techniques".

A Middle Manager's 2 day programme, now in its 14th year, designed for professional and academic staff working in Higher Education.

We can and have, designed similar courses/ programmes for other sectors/ companies and are currently planning an 'open to all' version.

What Participants Say

Teams greater than the sum of their parts

Team Days

Team Coaching

Over the last 6 months, we have run successful, insightful Team Days, including with Executive Teams.

As companies begin to return to the workplace, a lot may have changed. New staff have been recruited remotely; restructures & reorganisations have taken place; new ways of working and strategies are introduced.

Time to get together, take stock, engage with next steps.

What Our Team Event Clients Say

One to one Coaching

Building Resilience Career Cross-roads Confidence

Supporting Change

Maybe it's a sign of the times but these are now the most frequent themes we are covering in our one-to-one coaching sessions.

We work with individuals in a work setting or not, in companies and the self-employed.

If you would like to discuss you/your business/team's needs, please contact us.

What Coaching Clients Say

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Bringing Authentic Leadership to Life

No-one wants to be a 'management robot' but ‘themselves with more skill’! You/your colleagues have fantastic abilities already!

  • DEVELOPMENT - Grounded, stretching, innovative and fun is a strength!

  • COMMUNITIES & NETWORKS: We created these as our course delegates and coaching clients want to continue their learning, sharing and networking with us and get news and updates.


Creating Teams that Gel

Energise your strategy meetings & away days

Building and consolidating a team relies on each team member bringing their own skills and abilities into the mix, which then becomes an unstoppable force!

  • TEAM DIAGNOSTICS - Everyone needs to understand what makes them and others tick, their strengths, what they bring to the team and how others contribute and see things differently. That understanding moves a team from good to great!

  • STRATEGY & AWAY DAYS to bring your vision alive. A great deal of time, effort and resources go into planning them. With our help, you can be sure your event is engaging, memorable.


  • “An independent professional able to listen, guide and advise."
  • "Just a few sessions were life changing for me, I wouldn't hesitate to meet with her again at another point in my career or recommend her to others." 

We are passionate about helping people, within or outside a work-setting, unlock their potential to achieve personal growth, career shifts, improve performance or build resilience.


  • PERSONAL/CAREER COACHING – in a work setting or not.



Supporting Organisational Change

The People Advantage won an award for a Strategic Workforce Transformation & Change Project

Project examples:

  • CHANGE - new ways of working, new business model, a restructure
  • STRATEGY - implementation, engaging colleagues, vision & change
  • CAREER - pathways & effective behaviours.
  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT - measuring, planning, implementation.
  • LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT - new Function, strategies, systems.


Developing & Retaining Talent

The People Advantage' won an award for Talent Development

Star employees leaving? Key skills shortages? Growing an area of your business? To Improve diversity? New career pathways? We can help you:

  • RETAIN: develop talent in-house; create a retention strategy and/or strategic approach to workforce planning.
  • ATTRACT: develop attractive policies & working conditions; improve diversity in your hiring.
  • DEVELOP: Design a development centre to create a 'talent pool'; Draw up and support development plans, training, coaching.


Enhancing Performance, Developing Skills

Effective Behaviours

Learn, reflect, share, practice, consolidate


Angie Allcock, Director

Award-winning leadership specialist,

developer of high-performance teams

coach and facilitator

Angie set up the People Advantage to help businesses and individuals resolve any people issues holding them back.

With 20+ years experience of senior leadership and strategic human resource management. Client testimonials confirm Angie's track record of success, supporting organisations through change and strengthening their operational capability.

But that's only half the story! Along the way, she has been privileged to work with diverse, international employees, at all levels in companies, including Executive Teams, and coached people within and outside of a work-setting.

And she has walked the walk! Having managed both under-performing and high-performing teams, she has experienced the challenges of operational management and senior leadership; creating teams from scratch, leading through times of transition. All of which informs her practice.

Testimonials - Consultancy, Change, Talent, Team Events

See also testimonials from Coaching Clients & Course Participants


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Location, Insurance

Our office is in Bradford on Avon, just outside Bath.

We are very flexible, happy to travel to your place of work or another suitable business location. We are happy to work throughout the UK and of course work online.

For training/ team events: If you do not have a preferred location, we can make arrangements with venues, where we have preferential rates.

For Coaching: Clients can choose to meet at or near their place of work or home. We also have access to other suitable business spaces, if preferred. Coaching online is also available.

INSURANCE: The People Advantage has professional indemnity insurance for coaching, training, education and consultancy, and public and products liability insurance.


You will find our prices are very competitive.

We guarantee you will receive innovative, workable, cost-effective solutions from award-winning, highly qualified professionals, with 20+ years experience.

We have many options, and our fees reflect whether the event/service is 'off the shelf' or more tailored to your circumstances.

We offer special rates for not for profit organisations and charities

We only charge travel, if the venue is over 20 miles from BA15.

Qualifications, Expertise

The following are held by Angie Allcock, Director & Founder of The People Advantage. You can be confident that all of our Associates are also well qualified and accredited.


  • Nominee for Times Higher Education Outstanding Contribution to Leadership Development


  • Masters in Human Resource Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma In HRM
  • Level 5 Diploma in Management Coaching & Mentoring
  • Mental Health First Aid


  • Myers Briggs (MBTI) Steps 1 and 2
  • Team Management Profiles
  • Thomas Kilmann Instrument (Conflict)
  • Organisational Climate

(In addition, our Associates are qualified to administer other diagnostics, contact us for more information).


  • Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD)
  • Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council